Leah Hechtman
Director/Naturopath, The Natural Health and Fertility Centre

I have been recommending the Be Fertile meditation CD's for many months. My patients have found them to be very supportive, and enriching. I am so pleased that they have (and are continuing to) expanded the range, as it means more people can reap their benefits. Meditation and relaxation is such a vital part of wellness. Having these CD's available means I can trust that my patients are getting what they need, with a simple referral to use these. Thank you Gina and Charmaine!

Emma Stimpson
Director/Naturopath, Women's Health and Hormones

Thank you Gina and Charmaine for producing this beautiful CD. Research clearly indicates the negative impact stress can have on fertility and IVF outcomes. This CD is a fantastic addition to IVF treatment. It clearly explains the stages of the IVF process and is a wonderful tool for inducing the relaxation response in listeners. I will be recommending this CD to all of my patients undergoing I.V.F treatment. I look forward to the hearing the next CD in the series.

Kerry Marshall
Acupuncturist, Mornington Chinese medicine

I have found these meditations profoundly verbalise and compliment the intention of my acupuncture treatments given around pre and post embryo transfers.  Having my patients listen while their needles are in, encourages internal body and mind focus, which could only be enhancing the benefits of acupuncture. I highly recommend they continue listening at home everyday and overall I have observed a more positive outlook to women managing expectations of success and outcomes, while remaining calm and present with their own journey’s through IVF.

Tasha Jennings
Managing Director, Zycia Premium Pregnancy Nutrition

The mind is a powerful and often underrated tool in all aspects of health, particularly fertility.
Nourishing the physical body is one part of the journey, nourishing the mind is the other.  The range of Be Fertile guided meditations are a wonderful adjunct to your nutritional program to calm the mind, reduce stress and help bring you closer to your baby dream.

Amanda Haberecht
Darling Street Health

"I have been recommending these beautiful CDs to my clients for the past few years as I am aware of the significant  impact that stress places on couples trying to conceive. Unspoken anxiety and silent grief are often experienced by women and their partners during their fertility journeys. Your guided meditations allow an opportunity for women to check back in with themselves and acknowledge the extraordinary time that they are in, and help to manage the stress that they may be experiencing. They are an invaluable tool that I am very pleased to be using with my clients."


Milly Dabrowski
Acupuncturist, Fertile Ground Health Group

Congratulations to Gina and Charmaine on producing such a high quality, niche product that is so desperately needed by so many couples facing fertility struggles.  Having worked with couples for over ten years I know first hand how much of a role stress has to play in everyone’s fertility journey.  Your guided meditations provide not only detailed insight to each particular stage, but also a deeply soothing and relaxing experience that can be repeated every day!  I know my patients would appreciate having you on their team of expert supporters and what a great way to make your experience and insight available to everyone.  All people struggling with infertility will gain great value from your meditations, creative and purposeful visualisations and calm, soothing, expert vocal tones.

Nicole Tracey,
Naturopath Nurtured By Nature

I have been recommending this brilliant CD to my patients for many months now. I have found very positive results in both reducing their anxiety levels around the IVF process and positive pregnancy test results that my patients attest is at least in part due to feeling so much more relaxed. By listening to the daily meditations on this CD, women are called to tune in with their bodies and minds, and really be aware of each stage of their cycle. When women can actually visualise what their body is up to during these crucial weeks, they can actively participate in creating better outcomes. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any woman undertaking ART.

Tabitha McIntosh
Naturopath, Awaken Your Health

I am thrilled to be a stockist of the Be Fertile guided relaxation CD’s. 
Working with women at couples at various stages of their fertility journey can be emotionally charged with anticipation, fear of failure, and sometimes an anxious wait.  These high quality and thoughtful tracks are an invaluable resource to my busy clients - offering these women the opportunity to take a moment out of their day to check in with themselves, to genuinely relax, and to feel specifically supported for their unique circumstances.
These guided relaxations certainly fill a gap in the market and it is a joy to stock them. 



After trying to fall pregnant for 3 and a half years I had almost given up hope. I had listened to many relaxing visualisation cd and nothing made a difference and I still felt very stressed and anxious. Until I listened to your cd which was real and I was able to relate to everything that was said on the cd. I am proud to say that having listened to the cd for 2 weeks prior to a transfer I fell pregnant and truly believe the cd made an enormous difference to my mental state and being able to fall pregnant.
Thank you so much for all your support.
— Amanda, IVF patient
All my worries disappear and I lose sense of time. As I was listening during my last acupuncture session, the last I remember is breathing nourishment into the place where the embryo is snuggled. Then I’m so relaxed I’m not sure if I was asked to do anything else. I love that from then on I’m not aware of anything else going on until the acupuncturist returns.
— Joanne, IVF Acupuncture and Naturopath patient
Loved the CD, it was a life saver. This is my 3rd pregnancy, but first that has made it past first trimester and that CD kept me going and helped me deal with my fears of losing a Bubs again.
— Sophie, Pregnant patient
I have found these relaxations to be truly exceptional. During, I feel amazingly still and calm – floating in the moment. A profound relaxation and stillness but not drowsy. Being an anxious type, have have gained so much from using this CD daily. I gain a deep sense of trust and safety that lasts for the whole relaxation and afterwards. Magic.
— Lisa, IVF patient
I have to tell you how much I love that CD! I think meditation is beneficial anyway, but to have one that is tailored for an IVF cycle is fantastic. I listened to the stim part during my injections, then the transfer one while I was waiting for my transfer, and I’ve been listening to the 3rd part since Monday, and during acupuncture as well. I especially like listening to it during acupuncture, it’s a winning combination!
My next acupuncture appointment is tomorrow, hopefully to coincide with implantation!
— Debbie, IVF patient