Do you secretly fear that you’ll never get pregnant?  You’re not alone. 

If conceiving your baby is taking longer than you expected, it can be hard to know if your stress has contributed to your fertility issues, or if your fertility issues have contributed to your stress.

The Be Fertile relaxations guide your attention to let go of negative thoughts and emotions and create a new storyline in your mind.

These guided relaxations are rich and nourishing - just the input you need for balanced hormones and a fertile cycle. All you need to do is allow some time to lie down, turn on your audio player, listen and soak up the words and imagery.

Choose your CD or download to support your body and mind for conceiving a baby.


Guided relaxations for your natural conception                                 

This album has 4 relaxation tracks:

1: Menstruation - a new beginning (17.30 mins)
Listen from the first day of your bleed until the end of your menstruation. A time for introspection, reflection and letting go.
2: After menstruation - preparing your fertile body (17.53mins) 
Listen daily after your menstruation has finished until you start experiencing signs of ovulation.
3: Your fertile window - ready to conceive (19.20 mins)
Listen daily during this 4-5 day window to connect with your energy for love making and conception.
4: After ovulation - open to possibilities (18.15 mins)
After ovulation listen daily to this track allowing your mind and body to relax and open to all possibilities.




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