Settle and enjoy a deep restful sleep with this collection of guided relaxations

Enjoy the soothing voice, which will help you to fall quickly into a deep, restful sleep.

The words have been written to slow down thoughts, relax the body and allow a peaceful and refreshing sleep.

If you are having trouble sleeping

Sleep meditation

This sleep album has 4 relaxation tracks:

1: Welcoming Sleep (22 mins) 
Listen if you have difficulty falling asleep to helping you move into a warm and restful state where sleep will naturally happen. 
2: Getting Back to Sleep If You Wake (22.47 mins) 
Listen to slow down your breathing and your thoughts, and you will drift, with a sense of peace and calmness, back to sleep.
3: Move into deep sleep (5.54 mins) 
This is a deeply quietening, short, guided relaxation to take you quickly into a deep sleep. 
4: Music for restful sleep (25.30 mins)
You can use this restful music on it's own or add to any of the other tracks by making a playlist to extend your listening time. 


listen to a sample