Conception difficulties are one of the most stressful things a relationship can face. The effect on men is rarely addressed. 

This Be Fertile release is a special collaboration with Jared Osborne - a men’s relationship and vitality specialist.
It’s been specifically designed for you, if you’re a man who’s struggling to get your partner pregnant. 

Fertility issues are always multifactorial. Regardless of an infertility diagnosis or not, whether you’re trying to conceive naturally or through IVF / ICSI, as a man your emotional and physical health will make a difference to creating your healthy baby.

Taking time to take care of yourself is more important than ever. 


Guided relaxations for men trying to conceive   

Meditation for men trying to conceive

What's on this Guided Relaxations for Men Trying to Conceive album: 

1: Let go of the past and create your fertile future (12.14)
Reconnect with the original excitement or sense of purpose that inspired you to start your family. Like a reset button, this is ideal to listen to after any disappointment or struggles with your fertility.
2: Replenish and renew your fertility (15.44)
Take time to nourish your core vitality and allow your body to build the most potent fertility it can. Listen leading up to the fertile window or anytime your energy needs a boost.
3: Men’s Fertility Massage Intro (3.40)
An introduction to the men’s fertility massage practice. Listen to this at least once before you begin track 4. You’re going to want to know why you’re getting your hands into your crotch!
4: Men’s Fertility Massage (11.40)
A massage practice to maximise your fertility and energy, stimulate the growth and development of sperm and testosterone, and bring more confidence and playfulness to your sexuality.
5: Soothing piano to extend your relaxation (18.00)
This instrumental allows you a longer relaxation.

The big question: Does stress really contribute to fertility issues in men?

Studies show that periods of psychological stress can cause a reduction in sperm quality through a reduction in antioxidant protection, leading to sperm DNA damage. Research also tells us that an infertility diagnosis leads to further stress and subsequent reduction in sperm quantity and quality results. Men commonly report that the pressure of trying to conceive can also lead to performance issues, making for difficult times in relationships and compounding fertility problems further.

So how do you do something about stress and even anxiety and depression when they can seem like such a major part of everyday modern life?  Meditation and learning to be present in the body through guided relaxation is a major key that improves coping mechanisms and reduces feelings of helplessness.

Taking action and reducing your stress in this way is likely to make a difference to your outcomes.

These guided relaxations - and men’s fertility massage - will have you relaxed, refreshed and energised so you can bring more magic back to your relationship and sex life. The ultimate connection, to create your healthy baby, is still possible.

For best outcomes our recommendation is to take time out to listen to one track at least once every day. We’ve kept them short as we know you’ve got other things to do, but if you do have time, you can extend your relaxation with the soothing piano instrumental if desired.

Here is a taster...


Have a listen to our free Men's fertility massage introduction

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