This enjoyable guided relaxation has been created for you to relax into the breastfeeding experience. 
It will enhance bonding with your baby and you will feel more rested, calm and confident.

A calm mother will help to inspire a calmer baby and by tuning in to your own still place, will encourage breastmilk hormones to flow and a good milk supply.

All you need to do is to listen to this track as you breastfeed and soak up the words and imagery. Relaxation and visualisation has a cumulative beneficial effect, so our recommendation is for you to listen to this track once or more every day while you are establishing breastfeeding; and at any time when you would like relax or to promote more breastmilk supply.


 Guided relaxations for your breastfeeding                                                  

relaxation for breastfeeding

This album has 2 relaxation tracks:

1: Encouraging Breastmilk Flow (23.47 mins)
Listen during breastfeeding to help you and your baby be calm and relaxed to ensure a more comfortable feed, encouraging breastmilk supply and flow.
2: Restful Piano to Extend Your Relaxation (19.49 mins)
This beautiful and original piano instrumental has been added to allow you a longer relaxation.


listen to a sample


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