How to download a Be Fertile Meditation album


There are a couple of options for downloading a Be Fertile Meditation album

First, choose the album that you would like to buy from The Be Fertile Shop.

You have the option of buying it from CD baby or iTunes

If you buy from iTunes, you will be redirected to a page displaying the album information where you will need to click on the 'view in iTunes' link, which will take you to the iTunes store.
Here you can buy the album and it will be downloaded directly into your iTunes library. If you buy if from your computer and you want it on your phone or ipad, you will need to plug them into your computer and 'sync' your iTunes library. 

If you buy from CD baby, click on the link for the album that you would like to buy. You will be directed to the CD baby website, where you will be able to create an account or sign in as a guest. You need to do this from your computer, not your phone or ipad.
Follow the directions, but if you have any troubles, you can check out our FAQ page for help.