+ How do I download the album/file I just purchased?

Step 1: Starting your download

After you finish the checkout process you’ll be taken to the “digital downloads” page in your account. From here, you should see the album or tracks that you just purchased with a green “download” button next to them. Click that button to start the transfer and you’ll be prompted to either “save” or “open” the file. You’ll want to select “save” and take note of the target location that your browser will save the file to.

Step 2: Completing the transfer

Once the download starts, it’s important that it finishes in its entirety before attempting to open it. Single track downloads will be saved to your computer as a single MP3 file. Full album downloads will be stored as a compressed .zip file which will need to be unzipped.

Step 3: Locating files

Once the transfer is complete, you’ll need to find the files that you’ve just downloaded. In Windows, most browsers will save files to the “downloads” folder which you can find inside “my documents.” For Mac, the default destination is the desktop. If the files aren’t in those default locations, you can find the target location from that dialogue box that was discussed in the first step.

Step 4: Extracting files (full album only)

If you’ve bought and downloaded a full album, you’ll need to extract or “unzip” the files before you can play, burn, or import them into your media player. The unzipping process will vary depending on what software you use to handle .zip files and what operating system you’re using. In most cases, simply double-clicking on a file will begin extracting the contents. In some cases you’ll be prompted to select a destination for the unzipped folder. Otherwise, it’ll typically be unzipped to the same root folder as the original .zip file.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Once everything is saved and extracted, you can use your MP3s in any way you like. All digital downloads are DRM free and can be burned to disc, stored in your media library, or synced with your mobile MP3 player for you to take with you.

Also, feel free to email us with any questions you might have at

+ How do I import a track into itunes/windows media player?

In most media players you can import music by simply dragging and dropping the MP3s into your music library. Just open both iTunes and the folder that your music is stored in. Select the files you want to transfer and drag them to the “Library” in iTunes. Alternatively, you can click “file.” If you’re having trouble, check your player’s help section for specific instructions about how to import audio.

+ I just downloaded your album, how can I unzip it?

Full album purchases are stored in a .zip format, meaning they’re compressed and have to be “unzipped” before you can burn them to CD or import them into your media player. You may need to log back into your account and select to “save” the file rather than open it with a specific program. Once you do you’ll be able to unzip the file.

Depending on your operating system, unzipping the files should be as simple as just double clicking on the downloaded file. You may need to follow some prompts to select the location of the unzipped folder or click the “Extract All” button in newer versions of Windows.

+ Should I choose to 'save' or 'open' my file?

When asked what you’d like to do with your download, you’ll want to select “save.” Regardless of whether you download a full album or a single track, you’ll want to actually save the file to a place thats easily accessible (like your “documents” or “my music” folder) before importing it into your media player. The default location for downloads in windows is the “downloads” folder (which can be found in “my documents”). The default location for Mac is the desktop.

+ How can I re-download my album if I wasn't able to complete it initially?

You can re-download tracks or albums that you've purchased at any time by simply logging into your account as a returning customer and then clicking the "digital downloads" link on the left side of your "my account" page. Once there just click the "Download" button for that track or album again to start the transfer again.

+ Can I purchase and download music on the CD Baby mobile site?

It depends. When you buy digital music from, the download is delivered as a zip file. Most mobile devices don't support the ability to download zip files directly to the device, so you may need to use a desktop or laptop computer to download and extract the file, and then sync it to your device manually.

If you are on an Apple device (iPhone, iPod, iPad) please see the next question.

+ I’m on an Apple device. Can I still download digital songs and albums from CD Baby? How do I access my music?

You can purchase music from CD Baby on your Apple mobile device (iPhone, iPod, iPad), but will NOT be able to immediately access your downloads, as these devices do not support the ability to download zip files from the internet.

However, all the music you buy from CD Baby can be downloaded at any time on a desktop or laptop computer. Once you download your music, you can import it into your iTunes Library and sync to your Apple device.

When you are at a desktop computer, log back into and download your music from the Digital Downloads section of My Account. In most media players, you can import music by simply dragging and dropping the MP3s into your music library. Just open both iTunes and the folder that your music is stored in. Select the files you want to transfer and drag them to the "Library" in iTunes. Alternatively, you can click "file." If you're having trouble, check your player's help section for specific instructions about how to import audio.

+ Is my information secure when placing an order?

Our purchase site on CD baby is secure, but only the pages where you would enter any personal information. The secure pages use a full 256-bit secure SSL connection to protect all of your private information from snooping eyes. This is the same kind of online security system used by banks, so your info is totally secure!

When you go through the checkout process, you should see a padlock icon appear in address bar or the upper or lower right hand corner of your browser (depending on whether you’re using Internet Explorer, AOL, Firefox, Safari, etc.). That is your browser’s indication that the page you are viewing is secure.

Please know that keeping your personal information secure is a top priority at CD Baby. Be Fertile or CD baby will never give out or sell your personal information.

+ Are your MP3's high quality?

Yes. We encode our MP3s using the default setting of the LAME encoder. This creates roughly 200kbps VBR files.

+ Do I need to have an 'account' with CD baby?

Well, we need to get your contact and shipping information if you’re going to purchase from us. So in the same amount of time it takes to give us that info, you’ve created an account you can use in the future and save time by NOT having to provide the same information again.

All your info is totally secure, though, and we won’t share it with anyone.

+ What payment options do you accept?

Debit or Credit (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover), PayPal, Chocolate (Well, maybe not chocolate. But we do like chocolate)

+ Can I listen to the audio sample before I buy the CD?

Absolutely! Just press on the purchase button and you will be able to listen to a 30 second sample of each track before you commit to buy.


+ What else can I do to improve my fertility?

There are many other ways that you can support yourself during this challenging and stressful time of your life. When undergoing IVF we do recommend that you support your mind, body and spirit in whatever way is needed.
There are 5 main areas to look at 1) a healthful conception diet
2) avoid alcohol, coffee, soft drinks and stimulants
3) a healthy exercise program; relaxing yoga or tai chi are particularly good to include
4) avoidance of environmental toxins where possible and 5) create a stress management plan which includes regular relaxation. There are specialist acupuncturists, herbalists, naturopaths, nutritionists, massage therapists and counsellors that can advise and support you and we suggest you seek out good professionals in your area. Create your super team for your health and fertility.


+ Can I share this CD with a friend going through a similar fertility journey?

Thank you we would love it if you tell your friend about Be Fertile CDs and please give them the link to our website. We ask that you don’t copy the CD for them, but that they buy their own download or actual CD.


+ I fall asleep almost every time I listen. Will it still work?

If you fall asleep it means that you have fully relaxed and the sleep will be restorative which is beneficial for your health (and that is what is intended from our sleep CD!) You are probably taking the words in on a deep level and it may also be a good idea to listen again later in the day and get the benefit again when you are awake.

+ If my mind keeps wandering, is the guided meditation still beneficial?

Our minds will wander and that’s absolutely fine. When you realise that you’ve been distracted just bring you attention gently back to listening to the words and music. Being gentle with yourself is the key and there’s no right or wrong way to do this. The main thing is not to worry about how you are responding. Just do the ‘work’ of taking time out each day and relax into the guided visualisations.


+ Are there any side effects?

Apart from the beneficial side effects mentioned above it is unlikely that you will experience any negative side effects. If you are feeling extremely anxious and you find lying down and listening to a guided relaxation only increases your anxiety then please go to your GP or health professional for assistance.

+ How will listening to a guided meditation benefit me and my family?

By allowing mind and body to relax on a daily basis you are encouraging rest and repair. We know that relaxation assists our immune function, circulation and reduces stress hormones. This means that our reproductive function is improved by better circulation to the womb, reduction in the stress hormone cortisol allowing optimal progesterone (the pregnancy hormone) and a balanced immune function to assist implantation. We are also likely to experience a feeling of being more focussed, in control and improve our ability to cope with the stresses in life.