Sending calm and contentment to my baby through the milk was my favourite visual. I think it also increased my milk."

Our breastfeeding track is perfect to help you to relax into the breastfeeding experience. It will enhance bonding with your baby and you will feel more rested, calm and confident. 

Feedback from a happy expert tester, a new mum testing our track for breastfeeding:

"I was really happy with the relaxation. I think it will do wonders for others as well.

The pace was perfect - I personally like a fast ’ish’ speed, as I find my mind wanders, if it’s too slow. I especially liked the great reminders while I was so relaxed – ‘there is nothing else you need to do right now’ (this is something I really struggled with at first with my baby) and smiling - turn corners of mouth up. A great reminder, I do this all the time now! 

Of the reminder regarding prolactin and the calming effects, I've found myself more calm as a person since becoming a mother, and this was good to know and will spur me on to breastfeed for longer.
Sending calm and contentment to my baby through the milk was my favourite visual. I think it also increased my milk.

Thank you again for allowing me the chance to listen.”

If you think this album would be helpful for you, or someone you know, you can find it here



Nausea album: We’re so excited to release this one to the world!!

Pre-release feedback on our nausea track, from one of our expert testers (a pregnant woman with nausea!)

 "Thanks for the opportunity to give feedback on your track.
I am 11 weeks & 4 days along, with a 2 year old toddler as well. I have been experiencing all day nausea since week 6, which always comes on when I first wake in the morning or stir during the night, as well as at varying points in the day.

I enjoyed this track, having done many guided meditations previously, but none specifically for pregnancy.
I liked the ‘setting the scene’ at the beginning, talking about letting go of guilt about any feelings and just being present.

I really enjoyed the visualisation of cooling breath, which definitely does help me. My nausea is often accompanied by headaches, so cooling is a nice sensation for me to imagine. I loved the flow of the blue breath down and out the feet.

I thought all the parts mentioned to focus on any blockages, were perfect, I wouldn't add or remove any, I enjoyed it. I really liked the talk of feeling supported and connected; that was great and made me feel even more relaxed and centred.

I hope my feedback is useful and thanks for sharing this."