Nausea album: We’re so excited to release this one to the world!!

Pre-release feedback on our nausea track, from one of our expert testers (a pregnant woman with nausea!)

 "Thanks for the opportunity to give feedback on your track.
I am 11 weeks & 4 days along, with a 2 year old toddler as well. I have been experiencing all day nausea since week 6, which always comes on when I first wake in the morning or stir during the night, as well as at varying points in the day.

I enjoyed this track, having done many guided meditations previously, but none specifically for pregnancy.
I liked the ‘setting the scene’ at the beginning, talking about letting go of guilt about any feelings and just being present.

I really enjoyed the visualisation of cooling breath, which definitely does help me. My nausea is often accompanied by headaches, so cooling is a nice sensation for me to imagine. I loved the flow of the blue breath down and out the feet.

I thought all the parts mentioned to focus on any blockages, were perfect, I wouldn't add or remove any, I enjoyed it. I really liked the talk of feeling supported and connected; that was great and made me feel even more relaxed and centred.

I hope my feedback is useful and thanks for sharing this."