Our new albums!

Our new ‘Be Fertile’ guided relaxations hold your hand throughout your pregnancy

The original ‘Be Fertile’ guided relaxation CD’s were born out of a need for self-care and support in times of stress; when trying to conceive naturally, going through IVF and in early pregnancy.  From our experience, we know it is a time when women are at their most vulnerable in their fertility journey. But the need for support doesn’t magically disappear in pregnancy.  

After the positive pregnancy test, the feelings of excitement and anticipation are usually mixed with feelings of anxiety, worry and fear … and many other emotions. That’s why the original CD from our first series Guided Relaxations for Early Pregnancy has worked so well for pregnant women. These women who felt the benefits of our guided relaxations for conception, IVF and early pregnancy started asking us for more to support the challenges they went on to face in pregnancy. We are answering the call! 

So we sat down and started to write what was needed - addressing complex issues in pregnancy that cause much worry.  We actually wrote the ‘Guided Relaxation for Your Breech Baby’ for one of our very own practitioners at Fertile Ground Health Group, who was feeling highly stressed in her pregnancy, with a breech baby. We wrote the guided relaxation, and thanks to her input, we now have words that really speak to women who have a baby in breech position. She listened to the track once and sometimes twice a day, from week 37 onwards. I can hear you asking whether the baby turned, and happily the answer is ‘Yes!’  She also did Acupuncture and a successful External Cephalic Version (ECV), so we can’t take full credit for that. But what we can take the credit for is her feeling that she wasn’t alone, helping her to find a sense of calm and acceptance in where her baby girl was sitting, and relaxing her muscles and ligaments, creating space to facilitate the baby turning into a more optimal position for labour and birth.

So here we are with our new offerings to care of you during your pregnancy:

    1.      Support to help reduce nausea in pregnancy, which can create distress around not being able to eat a balanced diet and finding you can’t focus at work (and you haven’t even told the boss yet about the pregnancy!). Listen for relief any time you feel nausea, which is common in the first trimester but can occur through out pregnancy.

    2      If you have a breech baby, some helpful words to guide you to create feelings of calm, relaxation and trust, creating the right environment for your baby to turn. Listen daily, anytime from week 34.

    3     When you are starting to feel like you would rather your baby be on the outside than the inside, or your medical team is putting pressure on for induction dates, our guided relaxation for your overdue baby will help to put your mind at ease and prepare your body for labour.  It’s ideal to start listening at least daily, any time from 38 weeks and continue until your baby is born. 

    4      Then after the birth, establishing a solid breastfeeding routine is supported by the final guided relaxation of this series, which encourages breast milk flow by calming and relaxing into the experience. 

If any of these tracks speak to you (or perhaps someone you know is in need) then click here…. you can buy the download and add it to your itunes library or phone and start listening right now (they are all 20% off this week)…or find a stockist near you.

As always, thank you so much for your continued support for this relaxation project. We love hearing feedback with positive experiences, as well as constructive ways to target more specific anxieties and concerns for any stage of your fertility or general health. Please do be in contact at any time if you feel moved to share.