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Are you finding the journey to create your family more stressful than you ever thought possible?
"Just relax and it will happen!" they say. We know it’s not that easy.

We also know (and research shows) that it is so helpful to have tools to release the stress and minimise the impact it can have on your day-to-day life. We’ve created this guided and nurturing support for exactly what you need,
for wherever you are along your fertility journey, right now.

Simply download the CD or tracks you need to your audio or MP3 player and take some time out daily to listen and soak up the relaxation and guided imagery we’ve created for you. You will feel the benefits from the first time you listen, so why not start now?




All my worries disappear and I lose sense of time.
— Joanne, IVF & Acupuncture patient
After trying to fall pregnant for 3 1/2 years, I had almost given up hope... but having listened to the ‘Be Fertile’ CD... I fell pregnant! I truly believe the CD made an enormous difference to my mental state and being able to fall pregnant.
— Amanda, IVF patient
I have found these relaxations to be truly exceptional. I feel amazingly still and calm – floating in the moment. A profound relaxation and stillness, but not drowsy.
— Lisa, IVF patient
I have found ‘Be Fertile’ guided relaxations to have very positive results in both reducing patients anxiety levels around the IVF process and positive pregnancy test results, that my patients attest is at least in part due to feeling so much more relaxed.
— Nicole Tracy, Naturopath

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