We are a group of women who believe that times of infertility and pregnancy should not be a time of isolation, overwhelm and anxiety. 

Through our own personal experience and that of our patients, we know what a lonely and often difficult road 'trying to conceive' and 'being pregnant' can be and we think every woman needs a friendly voice in her ear, to encourage her in times of struggle.

Our guided relaxations offer to be that friendly voice in a real, calm and a non new-agey way.  


"Having seen first hand how the process of trying to conceive has impacted on the wellbeing of our patients,
we were inspired to create a series of guided relaxations to support women and men going through this time." - Gina and Charmaine


Meet the Team

Gina and Charmaine, the creators of this meditation series, are long-term keen meditators, who truly know the value of a supportive, daily relaxation practice. They are both highly regarded experts and speakers on natural fertility and leaders in naturopathic IVF support at Fertile Ground Health Group in Melbourne, Australia.

Kathryn Moloney, also a Naturopath and long-term meditator, has recently come on board to help spread the word about these beautiful CD's and downloads. 

Between us, we have helped thousands of people to conceive healthy, beautiful babies.

L To R: Charmaine, Gina, Kathryn

L To R: Charmaine, Gina, Kathryn

"It feels so important to us to help women create some space in their busy lives for these babies to come into. Regular meditation is truly valuable for people in stressful, life changing times and it is incredibly satisfying for us to see such a positive influence in the health and fertility outcomes for our patients"

Charmaine Dennis

Charmaine is the co-writer and beautiful voice that you will hear in the meditations. She is the co-Director of Fertile Ground Health Group in Melbourne, Australia. She’s often surprised and challenged by her teenage son and these days uses a regular meditation practice to stay sane.

Gina Fox

Gina has been practising as a Naturopath, specialising in fertility at Fertile Ground Health Group for 13 years. She is the co-writer of this meditation series and the proud mother of an unbelievably handsome and clever fox terrier ‘Jelly’.  Favourite meditation teacher: Pema Chodron.

Kathryn Moloney

Kathryn has been practising as a Naturopath, specialising in fertility, for over 10 years. Her time living in a rural Italian village reignited her love and passion for gardening and the beneficial side effects of informal meditation. 

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